Penarth is a song I made for Sister Margie in 2021, named after a town in Wales, and samples one of my Uncle's songs from 2005. 
The Music Video was filmed in an AirBNB in Newcastle Emlyn, Wales, and is the single from the Third Sister Margie Album.
Press the button below to download the abridged stems for Penarth. 
If you have the Kanye West x kano Donda stem player, you can upload the stems  to the device using
Advanced users can put the device into Developer mode (Hold down the power and pause button for 3 seconds), then upload the "t99" folder to the "a3" folder. after a device reboot it will populate the correct sliders with a custom colour.
A photograph of the Yzy Tech x Kano Donda Stem Player with the lights lit up green

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